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Wild Horse

This wonderful Wild Horse stone is a new addition to our line of Native American made jewelry.  The stones in our jewelry come from Globe, a  city in Arizona.  The name in Navajo language translates as "place of metal".    Wild Horse is a mixture of magnesite and red hematite.  The color of magnesite runs from white, pale yellow, and pale brown, to a lovely faintly pink or lilac-rose hue.   Red hematite by itself is known as "red ochre", and has been used for cave paintings, painting faces and bodies throughout the world for tens of thousands of years.

Wild Horse was so named because the stone resembles the spotted markings on Indian pinto horses.  Do not confuse it with a stone called "crazy horse" which is a form of limestone that is found in China.  Wild Horse will make a wonderful addition to your collection of Native American made jewelry!