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White Buffalo

White Buffalo

White Buffalo is a semi-precious gemstone that is white with black and sometimes brown inclusions.  It is sometimes called “white turquoise” but by definition turquoise contains copper (it is a copper aluminum phosphate), which is what gives the characteristic blue color, or the presence of iron will cause the color to be more green.  

White Buffalo is as hard as turquoise and polishes to a high shine, but since it has no copper and no blue color, it is technically not turquoise.  It is formed from the minerals Calcite and Iron.  

Please note that Howlite is commonly passed off as White Buffalo Turquoise.   Howlite is a white to milky stone with charcoal colored spiderweb type veins, whereas the White Buffalo stone has a very black matrix that can be rather blotchy in nature. 

Neither the Dry Creek Turquoise or the White Buffalo Stone should be confused with other stones that are called "white buffalo" which are actually howlite, magnesite. and other white stones that usually have gray and black matrices in them. (Matrix is the dark minerals that show up within the stone.)  For an in-depth report, please read our article on dry creek turquoise and white buffalo turquoise.