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Squash Blossoms & Necklaces

Squash blossom necklaces are a traditional adornment for many Native American women, especially the Navajo. This is one of the items to which the Navajo silversmiths devote much skill.  On vintage necklaces, you want to look for beads that are made of two parts.  They are made by punching two disks out of a sheet of silver.  These are then wrought into hemispheres. The two parts are put facing each other to form a sphere and then soldered together. They are usually spherical and most commonly plain, although sometimes fluted. Squash Blossom necklaces are most often enriched with beads that have petal-like additions.  These beads are called "squash blossoms". In native language they are called the "bead that turns out".  This style of jewelry has been worn not only by women and little girls, but also by men of status such as medicine men and chiefs.  Owning one of these unique, mostly one of a kind necklace, is the desire of anyone who loves Native American jewelry.