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 Gaspeite is a rare semi-precious gemstone that has the most strikingly beautiful chartreuse to apple green color.  If you have never seen it, then you haven’t been shopping in places that sell Native American made jewelry. This unique stone is found in only two places in the world.  In 1966 it was discovered in the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada, hence the name.  Later it was also found in Western Australia. 

In the article Uncovering the Semi-Precious Gem Gaspeite, the writer states thatSome call it the friendship stone because it draws others to those who wear it.”  I would have to say that I agree with this as I have witnessed so many of our customers drawn to it as soon as they walk into the store.

Gaspeite is comparable in color to green turquoises found in Nevada such as those found in the Carico Lake and Damele mines, however it is a nickel carbonate, not a turquoise.  There are imposter stones that are dyed gaspeite green.  Genuine gaspeite often has some brownish matrices in it which give it a distinctive character.

Gaspeite is a little softer than turquoise, and should be treated with some care to prevent it from being scratched, cracked, or broken.